Head Rocking – A Book With An Engaging Storyline Focusing On Depression And Self-Motivation To Escape From The Hardships Of Life

September 23 01:42 2022

The book focuses on self-motivation and how to pull oneself out of the darkness of depression.

As daunting as it sounds, depression is a root cause of numerous mental illnesses and saps the self-motivation to perform even the simplest tasks. Head rocking, a book containing a message of self-motivation while focusing on human depression, has gained popularity and fame due to its engaging storyline. The book is authored by Russell Coyle and was published by Pen Culture Solution on 7th June 2022. Being a highly creative and professional author, Russell Coyle has penned the story beautifully by focusing on a young man striving hard to overcome the obstacles and challenges of his past, concentrate on his future and leave behind his worries. The story is highly relatable since it talks about life experiences and how the human mind becomes a victim of depression.

From the torture of being judged and rejected by society, the story highlights the dark side of society, making the reader question reality. Since the story revolves around a young man making extra efforts to leave his past behind and escape the harsh reality of his life, he metaphorically builds a rocket to travel to space, moving away from the world. The story highlights how the young man is putting in diligent efforts to leave everything behind and go miles away to live a free, happy, and lively life filled with freedom.

The storyline has garnered the attention of several people since many people can be related to the storyline while facing the same circumstances. The book consists of 122 pages and is published in English; therefore, it can be read by readers worldwide. The book is available on Amazon and can be shipped to different parts of the world within a few days. Moreover, due to the engaging content, the book has received positive feedback with high ratings, making it one of the best-selling books of 2022.

For more information, click on the website https://www.amazon.com/Head-Rocking-Russel-Coyle/dp/1638121702/.

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