Now, manage all lead generation and business networking for small businesses from a single platform: An evolutionary small business networking solution by One Source Direct.

July 05 00:33 2022
One Source Direct’s decentralized P2P enterprise portal to revolutionize business networking. Connect, create and grow, all on one platform.

Before the digital transformation took root, networking for businesses required in-person interactions and event attendance. However, the pandemic made most networking opportunities virtual. According to statistics by Apollo Technical, companies are 40% more likely to close with customers achieved through business networking.

With the changing landscape, 70% of small businesses do their business networking and lead generation online. However, according to a Hubspot report, marketers (61%) have reported that generating leads is one of their top challenges. Usually, only 4% of website visitors convert, leaving many businesses struggling to bring in new customers.

According to One Source Direct, the average small business spends between $9000-10000 monthly on online advertising, which does little to convert customers in the highly competitive space. 

Seeing the disparity between business spending and their results, One Source Direct introduced a platform that helps businesses generate leads without burning holes in their pockets.

One Source Direct’s revolutionary search tool for small businesses is designed to help small enterprises to drive customer engagement. The information search tool levels the playing ground for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses to compete with big corporations in a space where they are significantly limited.

Business executives in big corporations state that they would lose up to 28% of their business without networking. Business networking and lead generation are the most meaningful ways for small businesses to connect, create and grow in their space, and One Source Direct makes this possible.

“Connect to leads, create solutions and impact your small business networking experience. We connect your needs with leads across every industry, network, and business arena. We connect your business solutions with our community of business customers in the USA and internationally.”

Created by multi-industry experts, One Source Direct is disrupting the foundation, allowing small business owners to carve out growth spaces for their businesses. The business information search tool underwent seven years of intensive research and refinement to deliver a compact solution suited for the current landscape.

According to One Source Direct’s CEO Scott LeBeau, the platform is built to simplify business lead generation. One Source Direct allows for direct connection to leads anonymously. Business owners can receive leads from other users, decide whether they are interested and continue from there. On the client account, users can post their content directly to other users, whether offers or articles.

“Generating leads is more about creating value for customers rather than just pushing a hard sell. One Source Direct will show you how to get relevant business-to-business leads sent directly and also search offers and articles that are potential leads.” 

Around 80% of professionals believe face-to-face networking is one of the most effective way to grow a business. However, the growth of digital communications has paved way for virtual networking. Tools like One Source Direct are also eliminating the need to network by providing a direct link to users. One Source Direct is an independent environment where businesses can securely exchange information based on their specialties. This tailored approach is instrumental to generating leads that have an interest in the business services and products.

“Strengthen small business growth with our simple and easy business community search tool.” Learn how to optimize customer targeting and personalize customer engagement to expand online influence.

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