Overcome Technological Difficulties to Achieve High-quality Development of Artificial Intelligence – On Artificial Intelligence Research Expert LU Meiyu

June 23 17:00 2022
(reporter: YAO Jia)

In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence research has led to the development of many scientific fields. Technological breakthroughs in informatics, cybernetics, bionics, computer science and other fields have been widely applied to the application of artificial intelligence. An industrial cluster with artificial intelligence as the core has been formed in China, and a number of outstanding technological and scientific research experts have emerged, pushing China’s artificial intelligence technology step by step to the top of the world. LU Meiyu is an outstanding representative.

With the continuous maturity of artificial intelligence technology, the scene landing and market development of artificial intelligence have been steadily carried out in all walks of life, and have become a strategic industry of all countries. Countries and enterprises all over the world have seized the technological commanding height. China’s artificial intelligence is a typical blue ocean market with high growth rate and large increment. The basic technology of artificial intelligence industry has preliminarily matured, the technology R&D and implementation of various application scenarios are progressing successfully. The industrialization development of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more perfect, and the industry has broad prospects for development in the future. According to forecast data, the scale of China’s artificial intelligence market will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2022. As a leader in the field of artificial intelligence in China, LU Meiyu pays close attention to the development of digital technology and has an in-depth understanding of the development of China’s artificial intelligence industry. She firmly grasped the tuyere period and founded DILAN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which takes the R&D and application of artificial intelligence technology as the core. She personally led important R&D tasks and has achieved a number of internationally leading intelligent scientific and technological achievements, which has played an important role in promoting the intelligent development of various industries in China.

At the beginning of the company’s establishment, LU Meiyu formulated the development strategy of “high-tech talents + cutting-edge technology”, and personally established an artificial intelligence research team composed of top technological talents at home and abroad. The team consists of electrical engineers, algorithm engineers, mechanical engineers, system engineers, etc., with artificial intelligence + Internet of Things technology as the technological core, and the development and application of intelligent robots, intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment and new energy technology as the main business, providing intelligent technological support and solutions for enterprises in many industries. Especially in the R&D of intelligent robots, the company’s technological level in the industry has always been at the forefront. Among them, the intelligent live working robot for distribution network is the first to simulate the fully autonomous pole climbing mode that simulates manual work. It adopts modular, miniaturized, lightweight design and convenient control. Auscultatory contact precise partial discharge monitoring, switch instrument image recognition and confirmation, remote precise control multi inspection mode, big data background expert diagnosis system etc. are far superior to similar products. It is applicable to the construction operations such as the connection of live wires of distribution networks of power supply units at all levels of the power system and grass-roots units of power supply stations. It has the advantages of all terrain, all-weather applicability and good application performance. It not only has a high market share in China, some models are even exported to other countries and regions in the world, but also has a high popularity and reputation in the international market. As a result, the company has become the industry’s leading R&D and manufacturing brand of electric robot technology, with a high reputation and industry influence.

In addition to her forward-looking industry insight and excellent leadership, leading the company to develop steadily, LU Meiyu is also an outstanding intelligent technology R&D expert. Many of the company’s products are inseparable from her technological achievements. In recent years, she has developed technological achievements including Robotic Multitasking and Path Optimization Management System Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, Multi-robot Dynamic Alliance Task Deployment System Based on Gaussian Mixture Model, Adaptive Control System of Intelligent Robot Based on Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Image Analysis Security Inspection System Based on Neural Network. These achievements not only play a key role in solving the technological difficulties and improving the technological focus in the R&D and manufacturing of intelligent robots and intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles, but also are widely used in electric power engineering, construction engineering, manufacturing and resource and energy industries to iteratively optimize relevant intelligent equipment to achieve more functions and better application effects.

The multi-task operation capability of intelligent robot is always an important indicator to measure its technological level and functional strength. It plays an important role in executing and controlling the robot program at the same time, controlling the peripheral equipment and multiple groups of programs to work, shortening the cycle time of the robot program, and improving the work efficiency. In the process of multi-task operation, the rationality of the task execution path is always a key issue that needs to be solved, and it is also an important indicator to measure its intelligence. In the Robotic Multitasking and Path Optimization Management System Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, LU Meiyu improved the traditional Dijkstra algorithm in path planning, and adopted a more advanced particle swarm optimization algorithm, which can carry out real-time scheduling by prioritizing robot path task efficiency in line coordination while fully considering the busy degree of the path and the turning time of the robot. After inputting multiple target tasks and task locations into the system, the system will intelligently analyze the task structure, and calculate the optimal task execution sequence and path to complete various tasks quickly and accurately. Robots equipped with this system can be widely used in construction engineering, power inspection, manufacturing, logistics and multi-target navigation, etc., they not only can accurately and efficiently complete related difficult tasks, but also greatly save labor costs and robot management cost, creating extremely high economic and social benefits.

At present, artificial intelligence technology has been fully utilized to ensure the accuracy, availability and convenience of services to the greatest extent, whether it is civil affairs work that serves people, such as intelligent government affairs, intelligent police, intelligent court trials, political and legal coordination, and intelligent projects, or fields that are more closely related to people’s lives and economic development, such as digital parks, intelligent transportation, intelligent water conservancy, and intelligent environmental protection, etc. In the future, I believe that with the joint efforts of all researchers including LU Meiyu, the development of artificial intelligence technology will bring greater impact and changes to people’s work and life, social economic development, etc. Artificial intelligence, the future can be expected!

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