Introducing Camel Clans & Camel Coin: A Newly Formed NFT Project by Twin Realms Studio

May 19 00:36 2022

Twin Realms Studio is pleased to announce the May 18th Re-launch of its newly formed NFT project designed to support the community – Camel Coin, with its Camel Clans ecosystem to be released within the month.

Twin Realms Studio is a development company created on the belief that entertainment and creative outlets exist in both the virtual and real worlds. As the Metaverse and the world of cryptocurrencies gain further popularity, the company’s mission is to contribute its team’s creative skills to this brave new world. Twin Realms Studio offers benefits that span both the real world and the Metaverse with each of its projects, with a primary focus on creating experiences that help the community, including networking events, entertainment, & exclusivity, with opportunities to develop financial, and creative freedom.

In the company’s latest news, Twin Realms Studio recently launched its most exciting project to date: Camel Coin. Camel Coin is hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency (ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain) and will be at the very grassroots of the company’s future collections and Metaverse projects, with a reward mechanism around utility NFTs.

A little over a month after Camel Coin launches, the NFT collection which fuels this ecosystem will also launch, entitled Camel Clans. This collection of 6666 camels is more than a PFP project, with each Camel providing benefits in the real world and the Metaverse. Each camel is individually 3D-rendered, using the same techniques as professional artists in Hollywood and AAA games companies. Unique fur colours, expressions, clothes, hats, accessories, and more allow for quality of product rarely seen in NFT collections. The final Camel Clans collection has 6666 pieces, making it one of the most expansive and sophisticated NFT collections ever to drop.


“While we’re focused on developing our own IP, we have a proven history of helping to develop external projects,” says one of the project’s Co-Founders, Brad Atkinson. “With massive opportunity comes great responsibility, and we are working hard to ensure we live up to that motto. We anticipate this will not be our only project, as we intend to develop multiple IPs over the next 5-10 years that feed into this system.”

Camel Coin and Camel Clans offers a host of features and benefits to holders, such as:

• Blue-chip quality NFT and branding

• Experienced team in the film and game industries

• Fully doxed developers with a registered Australian company

• Vetted full stack developer with over 500 projects under their belt, with the contract being audited by Certik Blockchain Security

• Fee splitter rewards, with token taxes and OpenSea royalties going back to the community

• And more

Further details on Camel Clans will be revealed in the coming weeks.

For more information about Twin Realms Studio and Camel Clans, please visit:

About Twin Realms Studio

Twin Realms Studio was founded by Brad Atkinson, Art Director & Co-Founder, Daniel Wise, Business Strategist & Co-Founder, and Mitchell Tucker, Project Management & Co-Founder. The company is bridging the gap between the Metaverse and the real world by offering services and projects that are based around quality, integrity and safety, focusing on community driven experiences, and helping build creative and financial freedom for those involved.

Brad Atkinson is an accomplished 3D artist with over 10 years of industry-level experience. His past clients have included giants such as Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Legendary Pictures, and Nickelodeon. Brad’s first debut into the world of NFTs last year left him breaking world records, with his most recent collection being the most expensive NFTs ever sold on the Binance Smart-Chain.

Daniel Wise has a strong background in communications technology and business. Dan’s expertise is in identifying future directions in the market and formulating key ideas and strategies to take advantage of those trends. He has worked on numerous projects within the Blockchain space to advise strategic technological support for development opportunities.

Mitchell Tucker, the project’s manager and co-founder, is a long-time industry insider, with his knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency being vast and deep. Mitchell has successfully moved from crypto holder to day trader, and to management roles in numerous projects across the blockchain. 

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