Comparing Paint your life and the other 3 most popular oil painting companies, a User From Florida, USA found the best custom oil painting service

May 12 15:18 2022
This exclusive interview with Sally Davenport reviews the most popular custom oil painting services to determine which ones are the best.

This exclusive interview with Sally Davenport reviews the most popular custom oil painting services to determine which ones are the best.

We sat down with Sally Davenport, a professional art critic from Florida, to ask her some questions.

Question: Hello Sally. It’s a pleasure to be talking with you today. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Answer: The pleasure is mine! First of all, my name is Sally, I have a degree in Arts, and I’m a professional art critic, which basically means I travel around the country and review exhibitions and artworks. Today I was invited to find the best and cheapest of the 4 best custom oil painting companies in America.

Q: Remind us again, what are the companies?

A: They are Dreams Painter, Paint your life, Portrait Flip and Mavenart.

Q: So, how are we going to test these companies? 

A: Well, I chose the photos of my mom and my son. My mother died 6 years ago, and she never saw Jack. So I provided 2 photos to Paint Your Life and the other 3 companies. 

So, I sent my requests to Paint Your Life and other 3 oil painting companies:

As a professional, I focused on the 9 main aspects, which I’ll break down for you now.

Q: Please tell us about those aspects and the results of your review.

A: 1. Image design

First, I looked at the image design. There are three main things to look for in a quality graphic design: old photos restoration quality, the difference in color, and the background. The background suggested by Paint your life doesn’t match the color of my mom’s face. In my opinion, Dreamspainter wins this round. Their background matches the overall color tone of the painting and pleases the eye.


2. The Finished Product 

The second element I looked at is the finished product. When I received my oil painting from Paint your life and other companies, the feelings were completely different. They used different quality paints, so the difference in color saturation or paint smoothness was huge. The frame is also an important component. A beautiful frame can add beauty to the artwork. But if the frame is not good, it might affect the way you see the painting, and on the technical level, it can even look smaller or cut if framed unprofessionally. The frame from Paint your life didn’t look that professional. I had to change it.


3. Painting Time

I also had to consider the painting time.

I understand that the process of creating an oil painting requires time, and the time it takes to paint a landscape is relatively low. In contrast, a portrait requires a more experienced artist to be able to bring someone’s appearance on canvas accurately. So you can’t be very strict on this, because I know a good painting takes more time to finish. 


4. Turnaround days

Oil paintings often take time to be delivered. The days of Paint your life and the other 3 companies are basically the same. It’s better to order in advance if you don’t want to be waiting for your gift or order to be late.


5. Cost

Cost is the most important factor. I used to buy a lot of decorative oil paintings with their prices ranging from twenty to a few hundred dollars. Like I said before, a good painting requires skill, so the harder it is to paint, the more I’m willing to pay.

For me, it’s not just art. It helps me deal with pain, my mother is gone, and my son doesn’t have any pictures with her. This is very important.

Paint Your Life was significantly more expensive than the other companies. You need to consider that when placing an order as well.


6. Service 

Service matters a lot! There are several issues that need to be addressed when editing oil paintings, such as repairing old photos, changing the layout of the photo if desired, and so on. The speed of customer service is a very important factor. One of the companies hasn’t even replied to my email! Personally, I’d say Paint Your Life wins this round. They replied the fastest and were always polite and professional.


7. Packaging protection

I was glad to see that the oil paintings I received were packed perfectly and not damaged in any way during shipping. I loved the way DreamsPainter and Paint Your Life packaged their paintings because they took extra care to see that it doesn’t get damaged.


8. Number of modifications 

Paint Your Life and other companies told me that if I’m not satisfied, I can keep bringing in changes until satisfied. But what’s more important is that if I don’t agree with the overall direction, there’s no way I can be content with just a small change.


9. Fade prevention 

If you buy an oil painting, there is a chance that the Paint will fade with time. The painting will only keep its colors for a long time if it’s made with the highest quality materials. Look at the museum paintings, for example. They’ve been hanging there for centuries and haven’t faded. I can’t say I was equally satisfied with the quality of Paint used by different companies.


Q: I must say that you were very deep in your analysis. So what is your verdict?

A. I’ve prepared a table to summarize my observations and give a final score to each company, so the readers can have a look and compare.


Honestly, this result exceeded my expectations. In the beginning, I had the highest expectations for Paint Your Life, as it was the most popular and most expensive. However, when I actually spent over a month reviewing it, I noticed that DreamsPainter had a better quality product and a higher cost-efficiency.

Q: Impressive! So what would your final message to our readers be?

A: Oh yes. If you have dreams that you want to come true, or you’ve lost someone in your life, art can heal, motivate, and inspire. Bring your ideas to life with an oil painting like me. I hope this review article will help you make a better decision when choosing an oil painting company.

One can see the full comparison table here:


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