Fire That Boss Club on Empowering Every American through Financial Services

May 11 18:12 2022
Fire That Boss Club on Empowering Every American through Financial Services

Even with many insights and advice on all things finance online, there is still a huge divide of the have and have-nots when it comes to financial knowledge. Truth be told, there are a lot of today’s generation that are relentlessly hustling to make ends meet, taking side jobs to make extra money, living from paycheck to paycheck, while dealing with student loan debt or credit card debt. At the end of the day, many of these people don’t know where to start and are looking for answers and the right people to help them. This is where Fire That Boss Club comes in.

Fire That Boss Club was created out of the need for a sustainable, recession-proof business that can help as many people as possible. Having had experience with other businesses in the past, Nupur realized early on that the potential to help people achieve their dreams through any business that required significant monetary investment was limited. After some time of running a real estate business with her husband, when she came across a platform that aligned perfectly with all her goals, she jumped right on and created Fire That Boss Club. 

Fire That Boss Club is not your typical financial services marketing company. What sets them apart from the rest is how they focus on organic growth to scale their business. They focus on inviting and training people to become business owners and leaders in the financial services industry so they can help other people in their communities. 

“Our biggest strength is access to enough field builders,” says Nupur Shah, founder of Fire That Boss Club. “The field builders are those who work with our new associates at every step and train them on each and every aspect of the business until they are fully ready to work as independent business owners,” she explains. Nupur Shah then talks about why this allows anyone with zero experience in finance to join and become successful business owners with a thriving and growing financial services agency. More than just sales, they focus on building sustainable, long term relationships and training multiple independent business owners in the financial services industry.

More than that, Fire That Boss Club takes pride in a system that they learnt about called “Time Borrowing Machine.” The power of this system is pretty simple. If investors and business owners use other people’s money to scale their business, this system uses other people’s time and knowledge to scale their business. But it doesn’t end there. Eventually they help the individuals who join them learn how to do the same.

With this mission by the First That Boss Club, they focus on genuinely helping people level up their finance game. The resources, coaching, network, and knowledge you get, a lot of people may immediately assume it all costs thousands of dollars to get but instead of charging large fees upfront, they work on a grow together model where they only make money when the people they bring onboard succeed. No other intentions, Fire That Boss Club is in this for only one significant reason: financial success for every American.

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