Prolific Author and Writer Phil Robert Lucky is Helping People Develop Leadership and Workplace Skills

May 10 23:58 2022
Through his amazing book titles, Phil Robert Lucky has shared strategic tips and guides to help the average individual become a better leader and inculcate the right attitude to work and career

Phil Robert Lucky, author and writer, has made a name for himself by offering helpful advice to those seeking to develop their leadership and workplace skills. Everyone wants to succeed in their respective careers and life in general. However, there are important life lessons and skills that are critical to one’s journey to success. Phil offers people the opportunity to be introduced to these lessons and equipped with the right skillset for their journey.

The need to provide accurate and concise leadership help and workplace skill is the basis of Phil Robert’s endeavors. He has authored five book titles that have repositioned thousands of readers on the path to career success. Phil is an expert on law and legal sciences. With his master’s degree in law and legal sciences, Phil has directed his naturally keen eye towards effective communication and establishing strong interpersonal relationships at the workplace. The product of this move is seen in his books which includes:

COMMUNICATION AT THE WORKPLACE: A Handbook on Overcoming Challenges at Work and Improving your Social Skills

This is a complete guide to effective communication in the workplace. Communication at the Workplace by Phil Robert Lucky will help readers understand how to successfully handle day-to-day challenges with their bosses, employees, and colleagues. The book is loaded with information to help readers learn how to engage in challenging, high stress, conversation in order to extract the desired outcomes from the situation. Furthermore, the book prepares readers for the possible challenges that may arise in common workplace situations while teaching them the best way to develop an approach to deal with workplace conflict.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND PUBLIC ORGANIZATION: A Guidebook to Becoming a Confident and Influential Leader at Work

In Leadership Skills for Managers and Public Organiztion, Phil Robert teaches business owners, large and small-scale, how to model themselves as business leaders which would help them become a strong force of influence on workers. The book also teaches these business owners how to improve their communication skills and take proactive decisions for the growth and development of their business or organization.

The Bad Leader

The Bad Leader by Phil Robert is a guide on how to understand and solve the problems of self-deception, anxiety and anger which will keep the reader from being a bad leader. The book is a definitive manual to help leaders become aware by trying to figure out how to see their problems even more precisely, understanding the qualities and needs of others in a more liberal light, and decisively reacting to the sense within them to help others as much as they might expect.

Business leaders wil discover how they can stop the endless cycle of self-deception to turn into a boss player, a more viable specialist just like a kinder, more supportive leader.


In this book, Phil shows readers the important secrets to winning in everyday life at work, with friends, with family and everywhere. The book contains rules to win every day, insights on how to win battles, tips to win at work and succeed in life, and much more. Readers will also discover the right mindset to face and overcome challenges.


Leadership by Phil Robert is a classic. It is an ultimate leadership guide based on tips and case studies involving numerous important and influential historical and contemporary leaders. Phil combines two leadership perspectives in this book as he attempts to provide a concise guide for leaders and those aspiring to become leaders.

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Phil Robert Lucky is an author and an expert on law and legal sciences. His master’s degree in these subjects directed his naturally keen eye towards effective communication and establishing strong interpersonal relationships at the workplace.

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