Explains Why It’s Important to Refresh Old Content

May 10 17:32 2022 Explains Why It's Important to Refresh Old Content

New York – Quality content is one of the essential factors in boosting organic traffic. Poor quality content can negatively affect a website’s ranking and relevance in search engine results pages (SERPs). As a result, many companies are emphasizing content optimization and as a result, are investing in content optimization tools. Companies can optimize their old and existing content to give it new life and help their overall SEO efforts by using content optimization tools. discusses the importance of optimizing old website content as an easy and cost-effective way to increase organic traffic. 

“Informative and eye-catching content is one of the key ingredients to recurring organic traffic to a website,” said founder Michael Santiago. “Many businesses sometimes overlook old content and may not think to update it. However, it is one of those low-hanging fruits that can help boost traffic to a site.

Having outdated content could affect a website negatively, as Google always wants to provide the most up-to-date and relevant content to its search engine users. And without updates, the content could result in lower rankings in SERPs or falling out of rankings altogether. Additionally, for website visitors, once they realize a site has outdated content, the bounce rate is likely to increase, which ultimately signals to Google the content is not engaging or valuable.

There are many ways businesses could improve their old content to generate more traffic. According to Santiago, one way to start is by including links to authority sites in your content, ensuring the content targets the most relevant keywords and meta descriptions are still up to date and applicable in the market today. Updating and adding new information to old content is also important when recent trends have appeared since the original posting of the content.

“Optimizing content is not that difficult to do once you have a strategy in place,” said Santiago. “There are many content optimization tools that can help companies formulate a strategy to reach their content optimization goals. It all boils down to creating a workflow on improving and optimizing your content consistently and by following all suggestions provided by your tool of choice.”

To better optimize a business’s website content, Santiago recommends using top content optimization tools such as and to optimize a business’s website content better. Other tools mentioned in the review are,, and These tools are easy-to-use and provide detailed insights to help businesses understand the approach needed for their content.

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