BAYBANNFA LTD invested 230 million yuan in Zhongxingjiye China to promote global finance

April 13 22:09 2022

After the 2008 financial crisis, the global economy shifted from a normal state to one of “low growth, low inflation, low interest rates, and high leverage.” Prices are rising even as the economy suffers. High inflation, high unemployment, and an economic downturn all coexist to present different challenges to global economies at various points along the industrial chain. The world is undergoing profound changes not seen in a century, and the international financial landscape is quietly shifting. Among them, FX is quickly becoming one of the most popular financial markets on a global scale. The more we learn about the world, the more we realise that foreign exchange trading will provide an increasing number of opportunities while also creating a glorious moment for the economic effect of isolation.

Today’s global financial system is also confronted with numerous challenges. BAYBANNFA LTD, a global asset management company with a solid foundation and strong development in the world and China, signed a cooperation agreement with ZXFD, a well-known fund company in China, in April 2022, with the goal of “emerging and sharing the future,” and allocated 230 million yuan to ZXFD. This cross-border collaboration not only combined the challenges and situations confronting global finance today, but it also planned four major future plans, including new energy industry, smart health care, and layout. The various well-known financial licences in finance, as well as the layout of the financial media field, provide a strong impetus for future financial development, encouraging and calling on more financial talents to devote themselves to the high-quality development of the financial industry, and assisting the international financial centre to move to a higher level of new journey.

Financial technology has gradually evolved into a connector between digital finance and the real economy as new technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital economy, cloud technology, and the Internet of Things have matured. As a result, countries all over the world are paying close attention. The strong alliance formed by BAYBANNFA LTD and ZXFD will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention in the financial industry. Hundreds of industry leaders, technical elites, and well-known media from financial and academic circles witnessed this signing ceremony (Tencent, CIBN, YOUKU, Sohu,, science.China). In addition to current industry issues, the guests shared many wonderful insights on future financial development and how to capitalise on the development benefits of the new era, aiming at the new future financial pattern with unique vision and innovative thinking. All of this will undoubtedly inspire global investors, and it is also a significant step forward in the current development of global finance.

Finance development infrastructure will be the foundation of digitization in the future. Massive transaction support, massive data analysis, and the application of AI technology in financial business scenarios can all be well supported by the core technology engine. The collaboration of BAYBANNFA LTD and ZXFD will not only boost the development of digital finance, but will also provide more opportunities and good news to global investors!

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