A “Three Strike” Disciplinary Policy Used by the Upshift Platform in Orlando, FL Ensures Quality

March 17 02:26 2022

Orlando, Florida has almost every type of business and industry known to mankind. The county seat of Cook County attracts tourists year-round, for its recreational facilities, beaches, museums, and amusement parks. In addition, the manufacturing industries are prolific and Orlando is also known as a “technology hub” in the USA.

This of course leads to a great number of temporary workers and full-time and part-time personnel that are needed year-round and qualified for the types of jobs that are needing workers. The Upshift platform in Orlando, FL caters to the types of businesses and industries that exist in this very busy and hectic location in the USA.

Before the Upshift platform established a presence in Orlando, Florida, the businesses there struggled with “no shows, as well under-qualified applicants. The vetting and two interview processes, as well as skill tests, eliminate the guesswork out of hiring.  The “three strikes” rule, however, where any worker is banned after three strikes has made hiring temporary, full-time, and part-time workers much easier and more dependable for businesses in Orlando

Hospitality, recreational industries, and venues need to acquire dependable employees even for contract work, or they lose money. The industries within Orlando mainly work all day and all night, especially the hospitality industry. It can be incredibly difficult to find committed individuals through the usual staff service agencies in Orlando.

The Upshift platform approach allows access and assistance day in and day out for employers, The vetting and the ability to know that each worker was subjected to two interviews as well as testing if needed, does bring more of a comfort level to businesses.

The testing does more than include extensive gleaning of resumes. The Upshift platform for staffing services in Orlando, Florida includes personality testing, with even morality checking. Especially when dealing closely with the general public now, this is a “win-win” for every business seeking workers.

The comfort level must be in place for employers in the Orlando, FL area when seeking to outsource work to a staffing service as their livelihoods depend upon reliable personnel. The Upshift staffing services platform only accepts employees who agree to the TOS and of course, the “three strikes” rule, thereby eliminating “no shows” or workers that jump ship after a few days.

Run with the most advanced technology, clients can leave reviews on all workers, and view reviews left by others in their particular industry eliminating the guesswork as to which employees are the most qualified and the most dependable. There is also a demo available to try out for clients before deciding to commit to the Upshift staffing and recruitment services in Orlando, FL.

About the Upshift Staffing Platform

A novel approach to the challenge of staffing services and recruitment of full-time, part-time, and temporary personnel is now available to employers in Orlando, Florida, thanks to the Upshift Staffing and Recruitment platform. Dozens of areas around Orlando are serviced, and other locations in Florida are as well. Transparency and convenience are a focus, and there is a form for contact and a demo form on the website.

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