Kam Knight’s Brilliant Trick that Triples Reading Speed in Minutes

January 22 01:48 2022
Knight Offers a Simple Technique to Rapidly Improve Reading Speed and Comprehension.

Kam Knight, founder of MindLily, a company that specializes in enhancing mental performance, teaches a unique method of reading that drastically increases speed.

Most people read word by word. That is, they look at a word, process what the word says, and then move to the next word.

Kam Knight says, “not only is this slow, but causes readers to miss the overall meaning of the sentence.”

He adds, “The key to speed reading is to not look at the words, but the spaces in between the words.”

That’s right, the spaces between them!

Kam Knight calls the technique Space Reading® and it has helped tens of thousands of readers enhance their reading ability.

Space Reading® works because the eyes and brain have the power to process information extremely fast.

For example, when a student looks at an object like a table, his brain makes sense of it so fast, he is not aware of the processing happen. He simply moves his eyes in a direction, and they instantaneously detect and understand what is seen.

The same applies with Space Reading®, the eyes naturally and automatically pick up and understand the words. The reader does not have to exert effort or force. It happens on its own.

Faster reading has become a crucial skill in our information reliant society. Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, says every two days we produce the same amount of information as humans have produced from the dawn of writing to 2003.

Knight’s expertise gives people the edge they need to survive in the Information Age. More about the technique can be found in his bestselling book Speed Reading: Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour at https://mindlily.com/speed-reading.

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