Rich Mom Releases Her Comprehensive Guide to Financial Independence, Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal: Strategies To Building Wealth

June 09 00:00 2021

Rich Mom released her comprehensive guide to financial independence, Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal: Strategies To Building Wealth. Rich Mom was inspired to write by the pandemic and the plight of the millions of people who lost their homes due to a lack of financial literacy. To Rich Mom, the goal isn’t to accumulate more money—it’s living life on your terms.

Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal contains essential strategies to get out of debt, maximize earning potential, and protect assets. Rich Mom tackles tough topics like the smartest way to borrow and how to choose the right job with the right salary. This in-depth handbook also addresses common financial vulnerabilities and the most damaging missteps that people can make while planning their futures.

Women between the ages of 20 and 30 will benefit from the invaluable insights in Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal. Rich Mom’s work is perfect for young people who feel imprisoned by their full-time job or held hostage by their debt. Instead of focusing on liabilities, Rich Mom provides readers with a roadmap to leverage their assets. Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal is the modern woman’s version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Unlike other financial literacy books, Rich Mom’s method is tailored to fit an ordinary family. Don’t have a job? Still paying off student loans? No problem. The lessons in Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal apply to a broad range of circumstances and backgrounds. Simply put, this book contains all of the practical considerations that readers will need to evaluate their own progress on the path to financial freedom.

Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal breaks down complicated concepts into digestible pieces that anyone can understand. Rich Mom builds upon each topic incrementally to ensure that readers can follow along without becoming overwhelmed. Personal financial management can seem daunting, but Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal proves that you don’t need an expensive consultant or a professional manager to build wealth.

Broke Is Temporary, Poor Is Eternal: Strategies To Building Wealth is available for purchase on and Rich Mom is an entrepreneur, investor, writer, and teacher with a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom. She is an expert in all things related to money, especially the creation of wealth.

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