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October 06 23:45 2022
Driver Aura Shop has revealed what their customer believes to be the best car phone holders currently available

One of the big online stores for car products and accessories has today revealed what their customers have said are the best car phone holders currently available. Driver Aura Shop ( which sell everything from gadgets, and car repair tools, to car safety products, launched a poll that involved one thousand car drivers.

The one-stop shop for car accessories asked those who took part in the poll to choose a car phone holder that they thought was the best. They were given a budget of $60 and were told to choose one based on useability, quality, and affordability. When the results came in, the top three car phone holders were all priced under $20.

All the car phone holders in the poll like all the products in the store come with a full guarantee and a fast-shipping service. They are sold at their lowest possible price. The prices are so low in the Driver Aura Shop that they recently hit the headlines when they challenged Amazon to try and beat them or match them.

In first place as the best car phone holder is the Magnetic Triangle Phone Mount ( It is priced at just $14.99. It would look good in any vehicle and would make a perfect gift. It is easy to install and will keep a mobile phone in place at all times.

The second most popular car phone holder which is also priced at just $14.99 is the  360-Degree Triangular Grip Air Vent Phone Holder ( It is a stylish car phone holder that comes with a 360-Degree Triangular Grip.

The Magnetic Adjustable Stand-Up Phone Holder came in third place as the best car phone holder. It is priced at just $18.99 ( Like all the car phone holders it is easy to install.

The Driver Aura Shop has lots of car phone holders available at various prices. As well as having car phone holders, they also have car phone chargers.

There are lots of great products and accessories available in the popular store, to see the full range of products please visit

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