Pasadena Tree Services Expands Its Customer Care Team to Better Handle Online Tree Service Requests

June 21 17:45 2022

Pasadena, California – Since establishing its online presence, Pasadena Tree Services has been attracting many customers every day. The company reportedly receives 5 to 10 requests via the online platform. While the homeowners requesting these services are usually not in a hurry to get the services, the company believes that these homeowners deserve the fastest response. To ensure that the online requests are getting quick answers, the CEO hired 2 customer service agents earlier today.

“It looks like all the company’s work to establish itself on the internet is finally paying off,” said the CEO. “From working on Search Engine Optimization to improving conversion optimization, the company is today boasting high lead and customer generation. However, the company has noticed when homeowners fail to get responses, they move on too quickly and look for another company.”

The CEO noted that his company did not spend months working on its internet strategy to end up losing customers to competitors. He said that losing a customer can sometimes be costlier than paying the two customer service agents his company has recently hired.

“The goal of adding two new employees to the company’s team is to ensure that none of the customer messages that come through the online platform take more than necessary before getting the reply they deserve,” said the CEO. “The new employees will be refreshing the company’s multiple channels of capturing online leads regularly. As soon as customer service requests pop up, the employees will respond with relevant information immediately.”

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The CEO noted that when going through hiring the new employees, he had to be extra careful to ensure he was getting a team that would not disappoint him.

“Customer service is one of the hardest jobs one can handle at any given time,” said the CEO. “When a customer sends a message, they expect a response tailored to their needs. Using generic replies can convince customers that the company does not care about them. This is why the company decided to go deeper when searching for a customer service team.”

The CEO noted that he had to invite more than 20 applications before hiring the current customer service members. He stated that his goal was to find a group that had people skills and worked very keenly, ensuring that there was no confusion when responding to customer requests.

“The fact that the company is getting numerous requests means that there is much work to do outside the office,” said the CEO. “The next step the company will take will involve hiring an experienced team of tree maintenance professionals.”

“The goal is to ensure that the company is handling more than one tree maintenance procedure at a time,” said the company’s CEO. “Handling a single tree maintenance procedure a day while there is a boatload of procedures waiting to be taken care of means some customers are often forced to wait for their tree maintenance procedures for too long.”

The CEO noted that he would only be satisfied when his company could handle at least four tree maintenance procedures simultaneously. Although the CEO did not give the exact time he hopes to hire new tree maintenance professionals, he noted that it might be very soon because the number of daily tree orders was still growing.”

Pasadena Tree Services has its base of operation at 624 W Howard St Pasadena, CA, 91103. The company, however, can be contacted by simply dialing +1 626-790-1414 or sending an email to [email protected]

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