Powerful IRIS CRM & Agreement Express Integration for Fully Automated Underwriting

May 16 13:30 2022

Brooklyn, New York – Agreement Express has recently announced a game-changing integration with IRIS CRM to its ScanXpress automated underwriting tool that will allow mutual customers of IRIS CRM and Agreement Express to significantly streamline and even fully automate their due diligence when onboarding new merchants, enabling unparalleled speed for underwriting and time-to-revenue.

The integration between Agreement Express and IRIS CRM creates a full-commerce enablement solution that allows clients to review, onboard, and serve new merchants with the efficiency and fast, frictionless customer experience previously only available from third-party processors like Stripe, while simultaneously maintaining the many cost and service benefits that merchant account providers such as ISOs and payment facilitators offer to their merchants.

Using IRIS CRM with Agreement Express is exceptionally easy, thanks to the frictionless synergy between the two platforms. The entire underwriting process can be completed in a few clicks, taking the user from initial submission to an accurate, reliable risk score in seconds. Because the user experience is so seamless, the entire four-step process seems like nothing on its face – but make no mistake, the magic happening behind the scenes is complex!

IRIS CRM and Agreement Express make that initial due diligence more efficient and reliable than ever with the following four-step process. 

  1. A team member marks the merchant’s lead profile as ready for underwriting.

  2. IRIS CRM automatically passes the required data to Agreement Express.

  3. Agreement Express performs checks, analyzes the results, and provides an easy-to-understand risk score and approval recommendation.

  4. The final decision to approve or decline the account is returned to IRIS CRM, automatically notifying all of the appropriate stakeholders of the decision so that the application can be submitted to the processor through TurboApp in a matter of minutes.

Once underwriting is completed, you can quickly and easily board merchants to major processors, including Fiserv, Global Payments, Worldpay, Paysafe, and more!

Together, IRIS CRM and Agreement Express have created the single best instant onboarding solution the payments industry has to offer. ISOs and payment facilitators who are already familiar with the wealth of features built into IRIS CRM will love the speed and reliability of Agreement Express’ automated underwriting. Agreement Express customers new to IRIS CRM will be able to tap into a platform with an unparalleled ability to improve all aspects of their operations, from more efficient merchant recruiting, to lightning-fast onboarding, to instant monthly residuals calculations, advanced reporting, a built-in enterprise call center, and much more. 


IRIS CRM, an NMI Company,  is a leading merchant services CRM designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of independent sales organizations (ISOs), payment facilitators, and their merchants. IRIS CRM provides reporting on more than 380,000 active merchants each month and offers ISOs the ability to handle all of their merchant acquisition, onboarding, support, and residual income calculations through a single platform. By automatingand streamlining the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks performed by ISOs, IRIS CRM enables agents, support staff, and management to spend less time on manual processes and more time on generating new revenue.

About Agreement Express:

Agreement Express is onboarding automation software for the financial services industry. The platform fully digitizes and automates the customer onboarding experience with responsive forms, custom workflows, and automated risk assessment. Agreement Express enables global Fortune 500 companies to scale their operations and grow their businesses worldwide.

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