Dubai based artist “Zero Expectations” Prevails in the 2022 LIT Talent Awards

May 14 02:09 2022

The 2022 LIT Talent Awards is more than pleased to declare the Season 1 winners, which will be released to the public by the International Awards Associate (IAA)! With over 600 entries well received from talented entrants with unwavering passion, the awards serve as one of the leading global stages that honors and acknowledges innovative contributions among top-tier performances. 

This year, Zero Expectations, the artistic brainchild and pseudonym Dubai based Dutch Landscape Architect Marlon van Maastricht, decidedly took multiple Platinum and Gold LIT awards in the competition. The winning works were Zero Expectations’ songs “Southways,” “Mindless Matters,” “One Last Time” and “Come Back,” with several notable awards for Best Lyricist, Singer & Songwriter, Songwriting and Best Low Budget Music Video.

“It’s amazing and it means the world. I’m a Landscape Architect and Urbanist “by day” and Artist “by night” under the pseudonym Zero Expectations. Art, in the widest sense of the word, is what I eat, sleep and breathe. It floats my boat, so to speak, as there are many aspects of my professional life that feed into the explorations and evolution of my artistic alter-ego and vice versa. 

My musical projects, or my lyrics and songs rather, as I play no instrument myself, are an extended creative outlet, which enables me to express the deeper levels and vibrations of my inner self. On the one hand, it is an infinite source of inspiration, and on the other hand it’s an unquenchable thirst to create beyond my daily bread and butter. Which, in return, provides me immense satisfaction, strength and comfort on a therapeutic level, both personally and professionally.

I wouldn’t have dared to dream for 4 of my entries would do so well at the LIT Talent Awards! Very much appreciated by all those involved and with thanks to my collaborators: xKori (Mexico), eN2 (Hungary) and UAE based Assaad Lakkis aka BFZ, Katty Gold, Bull Funk Studios and Studio 9!” 

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Read more about Marlon aka Zero Expectations on Muse.World: Winners Interview and listen to their music and winning entries on their YouTube Channel

Being a well-established competition, the LIT Talent Awards, after thorough consideration provides an imposing platform for both individuals and groups in the entertainment industry. Organized by IAA, the awards maintains its primary objectives to cultivate individuals as well as improving overall standards that creates tremendous impact in the field. 

“As the results are released, I am proud to be amongst the presence of so many compelling entrants like Zero Expectations within the LIT Talent Awards,” mentioned Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson of IAA. “Each entry represents the dream of an individual or an organization, and I certainly look forward to encounter the unexpected from future participants, under professional circumstances.”

IAA’s professional ventures has led to just qualities, whilst preserving the benchmark and standards of the industry. In parallel with the beliefs, the jury panel is gathered based on their professionalism and unbiased traits, in addition to countless years of experience. The judges pledge themselves to process evaluations with stricter industry standards, searching for any potential entries that they believe will dominate the Art and Performance industry.

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Participation of International Entries

The LIT Talent Awards has a wide array of submissions from renowned talents who join on a yearly basis, portraying their competence as the peak of the industry. A portion of entries are submitted directly by the respective companies, while the rest belong to entrants who are in charge of the production for these organizations. This years’ awards houses several prestigious entries, including: Saweetie – Fast (Motion), Kelly Rowland – Flowers, KAMAUU – Howie and the Howl, Meg Pfeiffer & Luca Stricagnoli – All Night Long, Zibby Owens – SexTok with Zibby and Tracey, Eleazar Mora – Espumas, and of course Zero Expectations. 

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“The 2022 LIT Talent Awards are also directed at the recognition of ones’ forte, no matter front artistes or backstage crew, presenting the world with talented beings who are taking over the world by storm,” said Thomas. “With our plans set into motion, I hold great expectations towards future entrants who will turn out to be the leading pack of the industry, with their precision and astonishing skills.”

More info visit Zero Expectations on Instagram

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