Best Realtor of Bernal Heights, California, Shares 3 Tips For Potential Buyers And Sellers

May 10 17:16 2022

A home purchase will be the biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetime. Some will buy something to start their lives and another for their forever home. It can be a very exciting time but also cause plenty of headaches.

Danielle Lazier has some of the top real estate agents in Bernal Heights, CA. She has been in business now for two decades and has learned the best tips for buyers and sellers looking for their perfect home or perfect deal.

The pandemic has certainly made some people rethink their living situations and find something more appropriate for working and attending school from home. She has three specific tips for either the buyer or seller.

“The first tip I give my potential clients – there is no such thing as a perfect time. The perfect time to buy or sell is when the time is right for you. It is important that you take the time to review your finances and goals. Know these things before you take the next step is very important,” said Lazier, recognized as the best real estate listing agent in Bernal Heights, CA.

The next tip that to consider is always buy real estate as a long term decision. Buying or selling, there are plenty of considerations to make. Those with families want good schools. Retirees may want access to better shopping and quiet locations. Either way, a Realtor can help with those decisions.

The last tip and possibly the most important is to find an agent that will work with you 100 percent of the way.

“You want the best Realtor agent from Bernal Heights, CA. My history of success and decades of experience speak to what you need. How can I help you,” asked Lazier.

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