For many, Simone Etere is an inspiration and a way of life

January 24 18:22 2022
For many, Simone Etere is an inspiration and a way of life

The significance of social media has skyrocketed in recent years, particularly since the global epidemic that has disturbed lives and livelihoods. It has become the largest entertainment and education platform, and it has also become the new big market. Likewise, the concept of celebrities and brand ambassadors has changed, instead of focusing on a few movie actors and sports characters, people with impressive content and positive influence have become the new celebrities. Simone Etere, a fitness instructor, digital model, and calisthenics expert with incredible skills and jaw-dropping stunts, is one such world-famous celebrity and social media influencer.

A health expert and fitness instructor is known for providing expert fitness and diet tips on Instagram to get fit and achieve a desirable physique. It is also a digital model whose sense of style is attractive. Motivate others to live healthy lives and work by setting a good example.

On Instagram, he is known by the nickname @s17ne and has more than 1.5 million followers. He has collaborated with brands such as American Tourister, D. Franklin, Gillette, Puma, Nyswwatch, FreshHood, and also an ambassador for the new London financial firm “Lanistar”.

Simone consciously chooses to collaborate with brands known for the quality of their products and services. Before accepting any promotion of a brand Simone inspects the quality and seriousness of the brand.

Its Instagram content is packed with tips related to proper nutrition, fitness training, and how to master bodyweight gymnastics. It also offers calisthenics courses and training in Umbria, Italy, as well as a follow-up through the network of clients from all over the world interested in improving their physical condition.

He has been a sports fan since his childhood. At the age of 10, he became interested in parkour and then, at the same time, moved to Calisthenics with which he became a celebrity. Later he developed it as a profession. His customers, followers, and admirers understand the responsibility associated with his fame and he makes sure he doesn’t influence people the wrong way or with the wrong product or service. Indeed, he recognizes the power of his charm and talent, but Simone is a humble guy and knows where to go.

About Simone Etere

He was born in Sansepolcro, Italy, on May 17, 1997, and grew up in northern and southern Italy. From a young age, he was attracted to extreme sports, and he started his passion by forming a team and many Calisthenics courses. Although her main passion is calisthenics, Simone is now fluent in promoting personal improvement for physical and mental wellbeing seeking to help and contribute to the improvement of all her clients.

Many of its clients come from all over the world but in particular from the city of London, England, and many other countries. Simone tells through his posts his unshakable faith in God as evidenced by his tattoo of a cross that covers the whole back.

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