Krystal Club: Lazy Crazy Duck (LCD) – a Solana-based NFT

January 24 17:32 2022
Krystal Club: Lazy Crazy Duck (LCD) - a Solana-based NFT

Krystal club is newly emerging metaverse based gaming platform which will be operated by Web 3.0 Mainly for its game, Krystal Club has built token called KRYS which will be used to trade for in-game purchases, staking and lending.

The NFT project has in-total 6,666 generative arts that will be available soon for minting on Solana platform.

Utility token is named KRYS and will be available for sale on online crypto platforms in Q2, 2022. KRYS will be the primary token for all applications of Krystal Club platform that includes the games as well.

Roadmap has already been released on the website and contains plan for the whole year of 2022. Some highlights from the roadmap are re-acquisition, incorporation, token, giveaways and developers hiring.

NFT Holder Benefits

  1. NFT holder will be joined in to Krystal Club platform that includes gaming platform and would have early access to new projects.
  2. Holders’ NFTs will be used as utility in Play 2 Earn game.
  3. Holders’ can earn by staking or lending NFT to other player in the game.
  4. Will be whitelisted for pre-sale of upcoming NFT projects and games.
  5. Can also earn by trading of the NFT on secondary markets.
  6. Any art selling for less than floor price will be re-acquired by Krystal Club.

Game Highlights

  1. Krystal club introducing its first NFT generative art project named Lazy Crazy Ducks (LCD), for which NFT selling is already announced on Twitter and Discord.
  2. Lazy Crazy Ducks (LCD) is a Solana based project containing 6,666 unique NFTs and it will be applicable in game called Crocoducks – built by Krystal Club.
  3. Crocoducks is the first ever “Proof of Walk” dice-based game. Every dice rolled will be recorded on Blockchain.
  4. Two more games will be announced soon on the website and social media. Whitelist members will have the benefit of early access and after the minting holders will be able to join in too.

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