Meetz Ai the Most Interactive Ai Scheduling Assistant

January 03 15:03 2022
Meetz Ai has created a personal assistant that books meetings over email. The guests won’t know that they’re speaking with an Ai Assistant! Laura, the PA, will send out availability, help coordinate meeting rescheduling, new participants, meeting changes, and more.

Meetz the first white-glove solution that alleviates professionals’ time from tracking emails. The patent-pending solution is one of it’s kind in the functionality and versatility it provides.

How to activate Laura and free up time:

The only steps to activating Laura is to first Sign up and then CC her in any email exchanges with the meeting guest, no more need to find that right link and go through the back and forth emails anymore.

Unique use cases:

–  Cost-effective method to show authority for all employees and small business owners
–  Following up with all recruiting talents without them falling in between the cracks
–  Sales prospects will get reminded to book a time with the rep without looking pushy
–  Coordinate complex meeting requests by simply CC’ing [email protected], this will look like someone from the team is coordinating the meeting
–  Ability to schedule groups of people with Laura

What technology is used?

Patent-pending NLP technology consisting of multiple layers of machine learning and backend logic was used to develop what users are raving about.

Deep learning training consisted of advanced data generation and fuzzy correlation training to understand syntax. The team at Meetz Ai has trained Laura’s proprietary Ai engine to deal with a large multitude of different scenarios that arise from scheduling meetings. Hundreds of thousands of examples were uploaded to refine the understanding capabilities of the underlying machine learning engine.

Increase productivity tenfold:

Gone are the days of going through the back and forth of scheduling meetings or scrambling to find the right link to send the prospect, by simply adding Laura the calendar gets filled up with select meetings.

Laura is a completely hands-off experience and gives a glimpse into the future of Ai for productivity. Connections are the lifeblood of a company and first impressions matter. The more engagements the more traction a business generates.

Generating engaged prospects from cold leads:

After getting a lead’s email the best method to getting them engaged is to send out an introductory email explaining a bit more about what services a business can offer them and to allow them to visualize this, the next call to action should be understanding if those leads are interested in meeting either in person or virtually. After a positive response, now is the time for  Laura to be added in the email who will make sure this prospect is booked at the most suitable time for both sides. After this meeting is booked best practice is to prepare by studying what this leads main pain points might be, this way the initial discovery will be much more effective.

Manage the time as a manager:

Managing a team is an incredibly rewarding experience when targets are hit. One particularly important aspect of hitting targets and overachieving goals is of course teamwork and productivity. It’s interesting to see how differently two teams from the same company. with employees having similar experiences. and capabilities have two completely different outcomes at the end of the quarter. Daily meetings and weekly sync-ups are both effective ways for a manager to keep track of the progress and know when to push the team or notify upper management of possible delays. Laura allows managers to meet internally with the manager’s team members, other team leaders, and upper management. Meetz is one way that managers can utilize scheduling tools to remind others to book a meeting with them and keep them updated.

Recruiting without the headache:

Recruiters especially in today’s economy where there is a surplus of jobs have to fight 3 different fronts: Hiring decision-makers, potential hires, and other job openings. In order to keep track and make sure that no talents are forgotten to be followed up, recruiters need a way to stay organized. Companies looking for new employees work around the clock to show off HR events and our company culture all over social media in order to attract more talent into new hires top of funnel. For these reasons, it’s essential that no one falls between the cracks! Once a new talent leaves their email and looks like a good fit for the hiring manager, immediately Laura should be added in an email intro and Laura will book a meeting for the potential candidate. This will remove any possibility of forgetting to follow up with everyone.

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