Principle and Application of XJC-ZL05 Tension sensor

December 01 19:35 2021


The strain gauge is attached to the metal surface. After the metal is subjected to stress and micro-strain, a certain amount of displacement of the resistance strain gauge causes the resistance to change, and the signal is converted.


D series sensors are mainly cantilever beam sensors.

The advantage of this sensor is high static accuracy, suitable for electronic scales or high-precision testing equipment.

For a single sensor, the accuracy can be up to 2 milligrams.


Load cell application: measure the weight of the battery before and after the electrolyte is added to determine the weight of the electrolyte actually added, and ensure that the weight of the electrolyte is strictly in accordance with the process requirements.

The load cell is actually a device that converts the quality signal into a measurable signal output device.

The actual working environment of the sensor must first be considered when using the sensor.

This is very important for the correct selection of the sensor. It is related to whether the sensor is normally work, its safety and service life, and even the reliability and safety of the entire weighing instrument.

The choice of load cell form mainly depends on the type of force measurement and installation space, to ensure proper installation and safe and reliable force measurement. 

On the other hand, the manufacturer’s recommendations must be considered. 

For sensor manufacturers, it generally specifies the force conditions, performance indicators, installation forms, structural forms, materials of elastomers of the sensor, etc.

For example, aluminum alloy cantilever beam sensors are suitable for electronic pricing scales, platform scales, case scales, etc., steel cantilever beam sensors are suitable for electronic belt scales, sorting scales, etc. Etc., steel bridge sensors are suitable for railway scales, truck scales, etc., and column sensors are suitable for truck scales, dynamic railway scales, and large-tonnage hopper scales.

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