Moissanite Is The Perfect Wedding Band Choice

November 30 19:58 2021
Preparing to buy your wedding bands is a huge deal. If diamond prices scare you, moissanite would make for a perfect choice.

Preparing to buy your wedding bands is a huge deal. You will(hopefully) wear them for the rest of your life. It stands for good reasons you want them to be perfect. If diamond prices scare you, moissanite would make for a perfect choice.

You probably want your wedding band to look great for generations. Everyone loves the cliché we see in movies when you pass your wedding band to your son or daughter. Moissanite is as durable as a diamond and can last for generations.

On the Mohs Scale for Hardness, it scores a nice 9.25. It puts the gemstone second to diamonds. In simpler terms, it will last for centuries, or forever if you want to get romantic.

Moissanite is cheaper compared to diamonds

A lower price point doesn’t make the gem less attractive. As with any product, it’s only a matter of demand and supply.

Moissanite is not dependent on clarity, cut, color, and carat when it comes to its price, unlike diamonds. This means you can get a bigger one, as most moissanite rocks cost the same. For a wedding band, you can fully decorate it with moissanite and still won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Just to get a picture, let’s take a one-carat diamond. We won’t even talk about clarity, color, etc. Average price would be around $3,500, size around 6.5 mm. The same specifications, but for moissanite, would bring the price to around $800. That’s more than 4 times cheaper.

Don’t let the price tag fool you, though. It’s very hard to spot a moissanite gemstone compared to a diamond. While it might be visible to the naked eye, you would have to be a pro to even see the difference.

Getting Moissanite wedding bands can make a statement on your wedding day. It’s something different that you won’t see any day. As it is lab created, the gemstone is also sustainable. 

Will Moissanite wedding bands get dirty easier?

Caring for your moissanite wedding band is no different from any other jewelry. It won’t get cloudy with years passing, and goes hand in hand with everyday wear. You might not want to wear it when you’re doing heavy yard work, though, as it may chip.

A wedding band is for life, and most of the people are not comfortable taking them off in any circumstance. In this case, monthly cleaning will be enough. Use a gentle toothbrush and some hand soap.

How do you pick the right wedding band?

As moissanite is not a diamond, you don’t really have to worry about color or clarity. In the past, moissanite was produced in more colors, but in present times, it’s as clear as a diamond. You will still get the rainbow-like light reflection when light hits the gemstone.

We suggest picking a wedding band made from white gold. It goes hand in hand with a moissanite gemstone, and over 73% of new couples go for the same combination.

As a wedding band is more of a symbol, and not a jewelry statement, you don’t need to go crazy on the design. More often than not, it’s the exposure of the wedding band that indicates you are connected for life with your partner.

In all cases, it’s best to start searching way before the wedding approaches. What you like today, might not be so attractive tomorrow. It’s best you have multiple choices available. Trying to match your engagement ring design is a good idea to start picking a wedding band that resembles the same design.


You have multiple options and choices when it comes to decide what wedding band you will wear for the rest of your life. Moissanite wedding bands can bring something different into your life. We suggest you explore this new gemstone, and find one that matches your personality.

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