John Chisholm Introduces Acoustic Air Fresheners with Music Designed to Reduce Stress

October 25 22:06 2021
John Chisholm aims to help people feel better with his unique brand of music.

The pandemic has caused a lot of stress and depression to millions of people around the world. Folks naturally want to find little silver linings here and there to make them feel better. It could be as simple as a good book, a new show, even just a nice scented candle. John Chisholm, an aspiring entrepreneur, thought of a new way to help alleviate people’s stress and depression through his unique product – acoustic air fresheners.

John started creating his tunes in 2017 and tried to sell them on iTunes, Deezer, and Spotify through a music publishing outfit called Landr. When it did not take off, he decided to put up his website where he can sell his music.

He has so far released six singles of his very own style of distinctive music. Each single goes for just one dollar, while the entire six-track album goes for only five dollars. The music aims to not just relax people but also help them feel better by lowering stress levels brought about by free radicals in the environment. John hopes to expand to apparel and accessories once his acoustic air fresheners take off. Folks can keep themselves updated on his new releases via the blog on his website.

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About John Chisholm

John has been making music since 2017. Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, he started a website to sell his own music to help people manage their stress and anxiety. Now in the second year of his venture, he introduces his very own invention in the form of acoustic air fresheners and hopes to expand this business to include shirts and hats.

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