Step Aside, Ebay: Why Flipspot may be the next big thing

October 05 17:42 2021

Meet Flipspot, the world’s first stock-exchange for the marketplace!

On a mission to reinvent the e-commerce space, Flipspot has launched the world’s first trading platform for products. With interactive pricing tools, automated order matching, and AI trading alerts, Flipspot aims to reinvent the way people buy and sell around the world. 

Starting today, Flipspot has launched their free marketplace platform to help give people a smarter alternative to shopping online. Unlike other platforms, where buyers are confined to an advertised price, Flipspot gives control back to the user by letting them set the price. Buyers no longer have to compare the prices across different websites, as they’ll be notified in real-time once their budget has been matched with a seller on Flipspot.

Since Flipspot stores offers from buyers in real-time, sellers can now sell their items “at market” at any given moment. This means that selling takes place at an instant, without the need of creating an ad or wasting time with hagglers. As sellers are automatically matched to the highest bidder in real-time, they’re able to maximise profits, as there’s no limit to how high the product can be sold for. 

The founder of Flipspot, Nikhil Challa, said the idea came about when trying to sell his used electronics online. 

“I found the idea of selling online quite frustrating, and would often list my products at a huge discount to attract buyers. At the same time, I noticed how quick it was to trade stocks, and questioned why this concept didn’t exist in the marketplace. That’s where I decided to combine both concepts into one and create Flipspot, a free platform where users can sell their items in minutes, all while getting the best price.”

So, how do users even know if they’re getting a good deal? Buyers and sellers on Flipspot have access to transparent pricing tools, so they can see how much an item is really worth in real-time. The official launch of Flipspot is finally here, and it’s here to redefine the way people shop online.

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