Coventry Industries Awarded as No. 1 YinLong Buss Bar Supplier of the Year

October 04 23:34 2021
Holly-based Coventry Industries has been acknowledged as the leading supplier of YinLong Buss Bars this year.

Ocala, FL – October 04, 2021 – Coventry Industries is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded as the top YinLong Buss Bar Supplier of the year. The Holly-based engineered  manufacturing solutions provider offers a wide variety of custom YinLong Buss Bars in diverse size and price ranges to choose from. The company also offers financing solutions. 

“It’s a proud moment for us to share with you all that we have been recently awarded as the numero uno YinLong Buss Bar Supplier of the year. We are a small business and such a prestigious recognition means a great deal to us. We believe it’s our commitment to ensure premium quality products and dedicated customer care which won us the sought-after acknowledgement. We are grateful to the authorities for acknowledging our endeavors and for believing in us; the award will further inspire us to keep up our good work for the coming years”, stated a leading spokesperson from Coventry Industries. 

The development of Do-It-Yourself Lithium Batteries is one of the fastest-growing niches within the contemporary car audio scene and one of the safest battery cells here is the YinLong Lithium Battery Cells. The spokesperson stressed that Coventry Industries supports the movement with premier quality Made in the USA YinLong Buss Bars, which are also easily customizable and extremely safe. 

Coventry Industries provide a vast and versatile range of YinLong Buss Bars. From 5P-200ah to 7P-280ah to 10P-400ah to even 14P-520ah, the company caters to all sizes. Customers can also choose from smaller capacity 2P, 4P, and single bank YinLong Buss Bars. 

Added to its bestseller YinLong Buss Bars, Coventry Industries extends other major categories of buss bars as well, including CMAX buss bars, Proto buss bars, Headway buss bars, EH5 buss bars. 

Speaking on, the spokesperson shared that while other businesses unfortunately had a rocky phase during the peak of the pandemic, they managed to have a bustling business. In fact, their sales skyrocketed, especially due to their premium supply of YinLong  Buss Bars. 

“We know that the pandemic has not been kind to most of the businesses across the world. But, thankfully, we were in a much safer place (regarding business) during the pandemic and experienced skyrocket sales with our YinLong  Buss Bars as well as CMAX buss bars, cells, and batteries. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers here as without them we would not have been able to survive and thrive in the pandemic.”

Coventry Industries specializes in providing engineered manufacturing solutions, custom machining services, and small custom machines. The company holds extensive experience in the field of metal forming, machining, and fabricating of applications. The Holly-based firm also offers expert engineering consulting in various arenas, including manufacturing processes, reverse engineering of machine parts, and machining and manufacturing feasibility. 

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