Axis Technologies Group, Inc. Intends To Change The DeFi Landscape; Investor Interest Sends Stock 708% Higher Ahead Of DeFi Products Launch (OTC: AXTG)

September 28 06:42 2021

While Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC: AXTG) may be an emerging player in the Defi sector, one thing is apparent. Investors like its prospects. Since the start of September, AXTG shares are trading higher by 708%, from a starting point of $0.016 to their current $0.1456 level*. Clearly, momentum is on its side, trading higher during its last ten trading sessions. And that may continue ahead of AXTG’s first Defi sector product launch, expected to happen next month. (*intraday press-time price on 9/22/21)

Axis thinks it can revolutionize the industry. Moreover, at roughly $500, it could open the sector to an entirely new class of digital tools. What’s in play? An expected best-in-class digital mining solution.

They could be on to something big. Better still, Axis can benefit from being the first known DeFi sector app company to market a clean, ultra-low-energy consumption way to invest, trade, and mine digital currencies. Moreover, they could be the trendsetter to revitalize and reshape a digital industry enjoying global expansion. It’s a timely contribution.

Better still, Axis is far more than a single product company. And its intention is focused on helping to change the decentralized finance landscape by engineering innovative technology to develop, manage, and promote its wholly-owned DeFi focused subsidiaries.

And the DeFi markets, and investors, are taking notice. In-play is AXTG providing much-needed solutions to bring together a heavily fragmented social media and cryptocurrency marketplace by developing tools to drive prosperity, freedom, and decentralization.

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Advantage Of Timliness

It’s a timely contribution, with global governments getting more aggressive in stopping the digital movement. It’s in their best interest to do so and keeps their heavy hand of control over personal assets. But, as those following the sector know, the tide is changing, with online banking, digital asset investing, and money transfers no longer requiring a brick and mortar business. DeFi, at its core, wants that evolution to continue.

And so far, despite fluctuations in specific asset pricing, the sector is enjoying phenomenal growth. And with companies like AXTG filling the gaps and making the system safer and more private, the trend should continue. Frankly, with big banks and Wall Street hedge funds quietly entering the industry, it will never go away. Their participation was inevitable.

Government leaders and the world’s largest financial institutions have come to realize a simple truth- people want to live and exercise their right to freedom without overzealous government oversight. The excellent news for Axis Technologies investors is that they are at the forefront of helping to make that happen.

And they have the assets to power their ambitions. Accelerating AXTG ‘s growth is a powerful set of assets helping to set the new trend in DeFi. The design of each doesn’t do away with the old, either. They utilize the best of current products and improve upon the shortcomings of others. Thus, they are leveraging their technology to make some products better and at the same time deliver superior, more functional products and services to the markets.

AXTG’s asset portfolio combined with its subsidiary ownership is making that happen.

Portfolio Of DeFi Targeted Assets Add Global Functionality

Better still, AXTG’s wholly-owned subsidiaries and assets are designed to grow with the industry. Even better, in their own unique way, each can deliver meaningful shareholder value to AXTG.

Its flagship product is TiENCHAT, an app designed to revolutionize communication by assisting blockchain technology to seamlessly facilitate worldwide digital payments. Based in Singapore, its core intention is to perpetuate a novel social networking solution providing a borderless, multilingual platform for digital currency transactions. Integrated into the app are instant language translation functionality, multi-token wallets, voice and video calling, and the ability to buy and sell digital assets such as NFTs.

But, beyond providing those advantages, the app can facilitate digital transactions with no middlemen, delays, and no requirement to learn another language for global commerce. The totality of TiENCHAT is, therefore, its primary and significant competitive and marketplace advantage.

A large part of TiENCHAT’s appeal as a best-in-market solution to DeFi is its emphasis on data security and privacy. That function is vital, evidenced by consumers turning away from mainstream social media apps that are starting to require full access to personal data in exchange for using their services. To many users, those apps, including WeChat and WhatsApp, crossed the line in the sand, giving an all-or-nothing proposition to those wanting to continue using the apps. The terms – either provide open access to phones, computers, and smart devices…or lose the service. In turn, many already closed, and more are closing accounts.

But, Big Social’s miscalculation of user support can be a boom to TiENCHAT and AXTG and already exposed a potentially massive and timely opportunity for AXTG and TiENCHAT to recruit users fleeing those apps mentioned. Moreover, by staying true to DeFi, which includes offering secure and private transactions, AXTG is ideally positioned to capitalize on rising public demand to focus back toward the original intent of digital currencies- a decentralized system with privacy, security, verification, and accountability. With those things part of the TiENCHAT build, it’s an asset with exponential near and long-term potential.

Other assets are also compelling to AXTG’s value proposition.

T8 Exchange And TRAMS DEX

AXTG’s Australia-based T8 Exchange is also attracting positive attention. T8 Exchange owns the TRAMS DEX application, a decentralized exchange platform that helps power the comprehensive features within TiENCHAT.

Like TiENCHAT, this asset is also a potential industry game-changer by enabling TRAMS DEX users to trade digital assets and currencies to other users in any part of the world. Sounds like a typical platform, right? It’s not. TRAMS DEX is different by allowing users to exchange assets while simultaneously generating income and rewards through digital farming.

And by being fully integrated into AXTG’s TiENCHAT, users of the platform can make payments via cryptocurrencies to users worldwide. Moreover, by leveraging over 20 years of experience in cross-border finance, AXTG’s management is taking its expertise to make TRAMS DEX a leader in the DeFi space by leveraging the value of its differentiating features over market competitors.

They think being different is good. Also, being better brings significant opportunities. But having both can deliver rapid growth. Take the market penetration of the Sush-i-Swap platform as an example. It gained about 50,000 users almost immediately after its launch. Less than three months later, user growth surged to over 400,000 wallets. And it’s still growing. Still, while Sush-i-Swap did a fantastic job attracting users, AXTG thinks they can do better by filling in the gaps that the platform left open.

One part AXTG will keep is the rewards program. That component proved valuable in attracting new digital currency miners to the service. From that insight, AXTG is in the process of developing and promoting a similar business model through TRAMS DEX that they believe can scale at a much quicker pace. That’s made possible in big part to the direct communication and social aspects of its TiENCHAT integration.

Also facilitating the development side of the project is the AXTG team understanding the business part of the equation. They know it takes knowledge of both to succeed in the sector, especially with speed on innovation. More importantly, they intend to build the platform to be more efficient and favored by users and provide a solid return on investment in the process. Thus, shareholders will be rewarded as well.

Investors following AXTG’s story appear to like what they see, understanding the value of implementing TRAMS DEX into TiENCHAT to create what could become an unrivaled social media and exchange solution.

And as great as the prospects there, they can benefit further from another important revenue-generating asset.

TiENFARM Changes The Mining Dynamic

AXTG’s wholly-owned DeFi asset TiENFARM is another compelling asset. It’s a cutting-edge storage and node-miner solution utilizing an eight-terabyte storage capacity and built-in wi-fi router enabling mobile app functionality. It’s a powerful app, facilitating the mining of DS Tokens, its proprietary utility token, by utilizing the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocol. These DS Tokens can then be traded on T8EX and within the TiENCHAT platform in exchange for Tether (USDT), a digital currency tied in value to the US dollar.

It gets better. Adding what could be a transformative revenue-generating asset to the mix, AXTG’s subsidiary is nearing its planned October 2021 release of the TiENFARM miner, an innovative, cost-effective mining solution expected to retail at $500 through the TiENCHAT marketplace. It does many great things, but foremost, with its affordable price and ease of use, it delivers digital mining capabilities to virtually anyone, anywhere.

Perhaps the best part of the TiENFARM miner is that it uses green-mining technology, uses far less electricity than current mining processes, and is expected to become the cheapest and cleanest way to mine for digital assets.

And with the recent focus on BTC’s massive energy consumption to mine, it’s an important distinction.

Low-Cost, Efficient, clean-Energy Mining

In fact, it follows the expectation that “dirty-mining” will soon be a practice of the past. The great news is that AXTG is well ahead of that curve by mining with substantially better processes.

Comparatively, current Bitcoin mining alone utilizes more energy than the entire country of Argentina. That, of course, attracted substantial attention, resulting in Beijing enacting onerous restrictions on mining in that region of the world.

Moreover, the carbon-based demand to keep these miners powered isn’t getting weaker. In fact, in many smaller operations, BTC mining is beginning to require more “dirty energy” than it’s worth, sending a significant number of industry veterans to explore the potential in other digital currencies and mining methods.

Seizing upon that emerging market opportunity, AXTG engaged in a strategic partnership with O-Power LLC. to bring a better, cleaner, and far less energy-gulping solution to market. The goal is to create a system capable of producing the desired cryptocurrency by using crypto-mining computers and peripherals powered by O-Power’s patented zero-emissions electricity generators. The most attractive part of the system is that it’s scalable, portable, and offers constant power generation.

Better still, the technology is patented, allowing the two to advance the project using O-Power’s protected generators to accomplish their mission without using solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, or wind-turbine technologies. In other words, these generators can be deployed in any area regardless of climate or water proximity. Here’s the best part. Its systems can produce a constant source of electricity at roughly 1.5 cents per kilowatt. Compared to traditional and currently used methods, it’s an exponentially cheaper way to mine for assets.

Even better, by envisioning and re-imagining the future of cryptocurrency mining, AXTG and O-Power can do more than avoid the controversies associated with current dirty mining practices; they can generate substantial revenues in the process.

Hence, combining the potential from AXTG and O-Power’s green mining solution with its other innovative assets, the sentiment for AXTG’s share price, while 708% higher today, remains decidedly bullish.

Momentum In Q3 and Q4 2021

Further, as its October product launch date nears, valuations should continue higher. And beyond that launch, the strengths of its subsidiaries and partnerships bringing industry-leading functionality to its flagship TiENCHAT app, TiENFARM, and T8 Exchange, could attract a user base at speed similar to Sush-i-Swap.

The biggest attraction is this, however. AXTG is targeting the vulnerabilities in the digital age. And instead of going with the flow, they are blazing a new trail and setting trends by developing potential best-in-class solutions to help the DeFi industry thrive and maximize its long-term potential.

Moreover, through its synergistic portfolio, AXTG is more than on point in its mission; it is diversified to exploit multiple global billion-dollar markets that can contribute to a shared and accretive revenue stream.

Thus, despite AXTG stock surging, with near-term catalysts in the crosshairs, more gains are likely to come. And deservedly so.


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