SERVICES PROGRESSIFS: What is the difference between working in the private and public sector employment agencies?

September 21 22:42 2021

The essence of a health professional’s employment does not alter regardless of the industry in which they are employed. In fact, the distinction lies mainly in the staff management, working conditions, and employer recognition level.

It is worth noting that, unlike in the public sector, private employment agencies provide their employees with a significant deal of flexibility. Such flexibility manifests itself in a variety of ways.

First, there is the diversity of the environment or workplace. To be precise, working with a private placement agency allows you to gain experience in diverse work environments based on the mandates offered. Compared to a public employer who allocates workers to a set work environment, working for a private employer means that tasks are more fulfilling and complex, making it less monotonous. Indeed, thanks to a pool of varied and available positions in the healthcare industry throughout Quebec, numerous private placement agencies, such as SERVICES PROGRESSIFS, ensure that its healthcare professional customers seeking employment may obtain a job that is perfectly matched to their demands.

Second, working with a private job agency might provide scheduling freedom. Thus, a healthcare professional could choose shifts that suit his needs. Moreover, unlike public employers, private employment agencies do not force their employees to perform mandatory overtime. Such flexibility provides employees with working conditions that allow for work-life balance or even work-study balance, which is exactly what PROGRESSIVE SERVICES supports and guarantees to its health care professionals. A public employer would often have employees working nights and weekends, while a private agency may provide atypical or customized shifts. PROGRESSIVE SERVICES does, in fact, allow its employees to manage and plan their schedules online and in real time.

Lastly, private employment agencies provide greater pay. While money cannot buy happiness, greater compensation is always welcomed, especially for healthcare workers just starting their careers. A decent income is also a great way to balance work and study. In any case, it is worth mentioning that SERVICES PROGRESSIFS offers competitive salaries in the Quebec market.

In short, private healthcare employment agencies offer numerous perks that public employers could not provide to their healthcare staff in terms of work environment, work schedule, and salary.

PROGRESSIVE SERVICES has been performing, managing, and mobilizing healthcare workers for over 45 years.

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