Children’s book author Ted Landkammer takes readers into an adventure of a fun-loving butterfly named “Buffy” in his latest book.

September 21 22:30 2021
“Buffy the Butterfly” is author Ted Landkammer’s latest indelible book for both children and adults. For this masterpiece, he takes inspiration from his granddaughters’ love for butterflies.

Renowned children’s book author Ted Landkammer takes readers into an interactive and empowering adventure with “Buffy the Butterfly,” now available in leading digital stores globally.

Uniquely designed and illustrated, the delightful book revolves around the story of an adventuresome, fun-loving butterfly named Buffy. 

Inspired by the author’s own granddaughters’ love for butterflies, Landkammer has told this story many times to five-year-old twins Sophia and Isabella. 

“The girls would ooh and aww when they would see butterflies flying over their grandmother’s yard, which had roses galore,” Landkammer writes. 

Now, Landkammer shares that the girls love Buffy so much that when they see any butterfly flutter by, they exclaim, “I wonder if that is Buffy!” 

Inside, readers are sure to find lots of adventure and lots of fun with Buffy. They also get to feel closer to nature by immersing themselves in the colorfully child-friendly masterpiece of Landkammer. 

The published author has a way of making his readers feel fully connected to the characters in his books. 

In “Buffy the Butterfly,” he aims to remind the readers of the beautiful creations of God through the fun-filled adventure of a young and spirited butterfly.

Landkammer also seeks to touch the hearts and minds of readers, young and old alike. It aims to foster the creativity of youngsters, including sharing stories of creativity and creative problem-solving. 

Landkammer lives in Santa Cruz California. He is happily married to Dolores Landkammer. 

He is a father of three and a grandfather of six beautiful grandchildren. 

For the last 30 years, he has told his kids and now his grandchildren great stories to remember. He began telling his grandchildren various stories when they were 3 to 7 years old. 

Today, he channels his talent for storytelling through sharing great stories with other children.

Landkammer hopes to finish at least three more books and hopes readers will see and read them all.

Those who want to grab a copy of “Buffy the Butterfly” can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.

The book is an excellent choice for adults and grandparents who want to read something fun with their grandkids. 

Landkammer’s other bestseller books include “The Poppies on the Hill,” a story that highlights cross-generational friendship and neighborly love, and “I Wish I Had an Elephant,” a story of a young girl named Emily who wishes to see as many animals especially elephants. He also wrote the books because of his grandchildren. 

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