Teletherapy Continues to Be as Effective and as Popular as Ever Before

September 21 17:18 2021

Especially since stay-at-home orders are in place in many provinces of Canada, the use of telehealth and teletherapy services is growing in popularity.  Speech teletherapy is especially important now, as many times presentations and meetings occur outside of an office via video-conferencing platforms.  Adults, as well as children, can be extremely self-conscious when using these platforms if their speech or patterns of speech are clumsy or difficult to understand for others

Speech-language therapy for adults and children and even behavior therapy for children and teens are much sought after online, as Covid-19 restrictions are in place.  Therapy Spot offers both speech-language therapies and behavior therapies for a wide range of problems from the safety of one’s own home with licensed and certified therapists all of whom have years of experience.

Many adults now are seeking speech therapy simply to reduce an accent or learn how to speak more articulately online where in-person contact is reduced.  When speaking remotely, body language cannot be read usually, so projecting one’s voice in a well-modulated tone, and cohesively and consistently has led many individuals to speech therapists online.  In addition, many parents now seek assistance for their children as well since learning remotely is difficult for any child that is self-conscious about their manner of speech. 

Therapy Spot aids parents and children, and both can be coached by a speech therapist during the same session.  Group sessions are also offered for several adults or children, or any school that is operating remotely can sign up for a group teletherapy speech class to improve remote learning for the children that attend the school. 

Stuttering is a big impairment that can seem insurmountable when attempting to speak virtually.  Therapy Spot can assist with all stuttering problems also and improve the ability of a stutterer to make points effectively when speaking remotely. 

Therapy Spot also offers assistance for behavior problems in children, with experience in ADHD, ADD, and other problems that children or teens might be facing.  Sometimes, teletherapy is not recommended by Therapy Spot if a problem needs one-on-one interventional therapies in person.  Therapy Spot can then schedule an in-house appointment following all the latest Covid-19 guidelines. 

As one mother stated, ‘Therapy Spot was of great assistance to me in learning how to overcome my stuttering and helped my two sons overcome theirs.  It is not a miracle cure, but my speech and theirs has improved enormously and we no longer dread speaking online virtually in any setting.’

There is no need to suffer from speech impediments or any type of behavioral problems in children and teens.  Therapy Spot has extended hours for all types of these problems and is willing to assist whenever needed.

About Therapy Spot

Therapy Spot has a main office in downtown Toronto, but serves a wide variety of Canadians now, with the teletherapy online services.   Focused on speech and behavioral problems, this provider has extended hours, even on Saturdays, a blog, FAQ, and a phone, email, and form for quick contact.  Services can be provided either individually or in groups.  A whole host of issues and problems can be addressed from home with licensed specialized counselors.

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