Macntaj Announces Debut Album Big Bloc Meign, Shares Story Behind Latest Masterpiece

September 15 15:36 2021
Macntaj Announces Debut Album Big Bloc Meign, Shares Story Behind Latest Masterpiece

The entertainment industry is one of the most cutthroat landscapes anywhere in the world. As such, not every artist, musician, or celebrity can cope with controversies, but rising rapper Macntaj certainly does. After generating quite the buzz for getting involved in a rift with fellow music artists, the rapper proved that he is here to stay. His debut album Big Bloc Meign is the latest testament to his unparalleled creativity.

Macntaj is a prolific rapper who currently spends his time impacting people through his music from Sacramento and Seattle. Over the past few years, the rapper has released captivating singles, which positioned him as one of the most promising hip-hop artists of his generation. Macntaj is the creative genius behind the songs “Freefall,” “Hood Burger,” and “Love Me The Same.” On top of his masterfully written lyrics and unrivaled beats, the rapper is known for his unique visual interpretations of his music.

Macntaj believes that songs are better felt when audiences get to dive deeper into the mind of the artist behind them, and what better way to share his thoughts than through music videos. But his artistry has been recently subjected to controversy. Still, Macntaj proved that his originality is like no other. Since then, Macntaj has not missed a single mark and hit audiences right on the spot.

Macntaj caught the eye of rap legend X-Raided, founder and CEO of the label Bloc Star Evolution. Seeing the immense potential Macntaj possessed, X-Raided offered him a seven-figure signing deal with his label. X-Raided did not only see talent in the rapper but was also amazed by how he handled challenging circumstances. 

Riding off the success of his June release “Look Up,” Macntaj releases his debut album, Big Bloc Meign, a magnum opus of epic proportions. His debut album is made to propel the rapper’s career to greater heights. Macntaj wants his debut album to stand out and captivate as many hip hop lovers across the globe. In addition, he wants to share his store throughout this sonically and conceptually diverse project.

Big Bloc Meign, narrated by non-other than X-Raided himself, sheds light on Macntaj’s journey from a humble dreamer to an artist at the brink of stardom. Macntaj fiercely and authentically allows listeners to dive deeper into his personal life, sharing stories of loyalty and betrayal, failure and success, relationship challenges, and the road he took to reach his lifelong dreams. Macntaj has always made a statement with how he combines modern sound with a classic approach to hip hop lyricism, making him the perfect bridge that connects generations of hip hop lovers.

“I always believed in myself, always believed my brand offered something different,” shared Macntaj as he explained how the deal with Bloc Star Evolution would propel his career. “I’ve never claimed to be anything I wasn’t. Everything I put in my music is from my life and nobody else’s—the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to show kids who feel like the world is against them that they can succeed,” the rapper added further. 

Learn more about Macntaj and Big Bloc Meign on his website.

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