Ecoholic Threads Presents Vibrant and Ethical Streetwear that Challenges Fast Fashion

September 06 17:09 2021
Streetwear enthusiasts are hyped with the unique offerings of an innovative clothing provider, which empowers them to remain fashionable while being eco-conscious.

As the second-largest polluter in the world, the fashion industry has been negatively impacting the environment. The World Economic Forum says that it is responsible for 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. Furthermore, it is the second-largest consumer of water worldwide. More individuals and businesses should definitely start taking notice of this, not merely focusing on satisfying personal wants. An excellent example in this field is the clothing provider, Ecoholic Threads, which took up the challenge of producing 100% eco-friendly garments for its consumers.

Ecoholic Threads was founded in 2018 with the vision of enabling people to shop for exquisite sustainable clothing while keeping up with their personal style. Its founder, Or, intended to do something about what he feels passionately about, even if it meant a ton of trial and error. He believes that being fashionable and responsible as a consumer is certainly possible with the right provider aside from one’s own dedication. “I realized that there are many ways to mitigate the damage of the fashion industry after experimenting with different materials. Now, we’re able to offer the perfect combination between unparalleled style and love for the planet,” he said.

Today, those who made the right choice of becoming Ecoholic Threads ambassadors contributed to their community’s positive impact. Together, they were able to save carbon dioxide emissions, liters of water, and pesticide-free farmland. All of these started with a dream that is actualized through action and devotion. Ecoholic Threads would also like to encourage others that they can do the same—they can also wear their values.

Currently, they have partner factories in the United States, France, Germany, and Bangladesh that are all GOTS-certified, PETA-approved, and FAIR-WEAR-certified. This only proves that they strictly adhere to the highest ethical standards. They take animal welfare and the environment very seriously and conduct necessary research to source the best sustainable materials. While they are aware that every product makes an environmental impact, they consistently do their best to minimize it with their mechanisms in place. Also, each design that is up on their website at is original and created by professional designers. The team behind Ecoholic Threads wants to ensure that their products are not only worn guilt-free but also proudly with their fine quality. Interested customers who are into awesome streetwear and are also earth-conscious should definitely visit their website now!

About Ecoholic Threads

Ecoholic Threads was founded in 2018 in California for a simple cause: to enable people to shop for with high-quality sustainable clothing while keeping up with their personal style. They contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable through their environmentally-friendly products.

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