4Knines offers seat covers and floor hammocks that are heavy-duty, waterproof, and comfortable for all pets.

September 03 16:45 2021
4Knines offers seat covers and floor hammocks that are heavy-duty, waterproof, and comfortable for all pets.
Dog owners who want to keep the inside of their car neat and clean when they take their dogs for a drive can turn to 4Knines’ seat covers and floor hammocks. These are convenient, comfortable, and waterproof solutions when taking pets on drives.

A lot of people struggle with trying to keep their cars clean and tidy especially when they’re taking their dogs with them. Dog fur can stick to car seats and can be a nuisance to remove. Most people either accept it or they go to a professional to get all the hair out of their car upholstery. The good news is that 4Knines offers a simple solution for this problem with the use of dog car seat covers (https://4knines.com/). These are heavy duty and durable products built to outperform and outlast all the competition. They have a range of products which includes seat cover, cargo liner, and seat hammocks. Not only are these products ideal for pet owners, but they can be used in a myriad of different ways. Car owners won’t have to worry about dirty or damaged upholstery ever again.

4Knines has an excellent solution for dog owners who hate dealing with all the dog hair after taking their dogs out for a ride in the car. The 4Knines’ Dog Car Seat Cover (https://4knines.com/collections/back-seat-covers-for-dogs-pets/products/split-rear-seat-cover-fitted-black) is durable and protects car upholstery from the very hard-to-remove animal hair. It comes in two sizes – regular and XL. These covers have been designed to allow for the full use of all seat belts. The material is heavy-duty with an optional fitted version. It is made using a 7-layer special construction to make it waterproof. Easy to install and remove, 4Knines’ seat cover is the perfect companion the next time pet owners want to take their pooch on a drive around town.

Besides dog car seat covers, 4Knines is also offering their new truck floor hammock (https://www.ford-trucks.com/articles/4knines-launches-floor-hammock-for-truck-crew-cab/). These are an excellent option for larger breeds of dogs. It will help ensure that dogs are confined in the back seat instead of roaming around the vehicle which can be quite distracting and dangerous to drivers. The 4Knines Floor Hammock has been designed to cover both the folded up rear seats as well as the floor of the crew cab. The hammock latches on the back of the front seats and provides a comfortable and waterproof cradle for dogs to rest in. It uses a patented zipper design in the seat back portion to allow users to fold the hammock down on either the driver side or the passenger side. It’s an excellent way to keep pets comfortable during long drives as well as protect the inside upholstery of vehicles.

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