Averse Pest Control in Boise, ID, Lists Most Common Stinging Pests

August 04 07:30 2021
Averse Pest Control in Boise, ID, Lists Most Common Stinging Pests
Locally owned and operated Averse Pest Control in Boise, ID, want the public to be aware of the most common insects that can inflict dangerous stings.

Boise, ID – Averse Pest Control is announcing what to look for when keeping yourself safe from stinging insects.


When people think of stinging insects, the first thing that comes to mind is bees. However, here in Boise pest controbees are rarely a problem.  Honey bees are not aggressive and mostly leave people alone unless provoked.  In addition, the number of bees in Idaho has been declining drastically in the past few years due to mites in their hives. 

So, Boise residents usually don’t have issues with bees.  What causes the problems in Boise are wasps.


According to Averse Pest Control, the most commonly found wasp in Idaho is the western yellowjacket.  However, the wasp that will most likely sting residents in Boise is the German yellowjacket because they are very aggressive wasps.  When a resident needs a Boise pest control company, it is probably because of German yellowjackets.

Paper Wasps

Another common wasp found in Boise is the paper wasp.  They are easy to identify because their legs hang down when flying.  They aren’t as aggressive as the German yellowjackets, but they like to build their nests around houses, which means they contact people more often. The best way to get rid of them is to use a professional pest control company in Boise

At Averse Pest Control, the technicians are trained to know the best ways to remove wasps and their nests.

About Averse Pest Control

Averse Pest Control was founded by two residents of the Treasure Valley, Spencer Teuscher, and Dan Christensen.  As providers of pest control services in the greater Boise metro area, they strive to make every customer 100% satisfied. In addition, they pride themselves on environmentally friendly practices and products. 

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