2021 Is Turning Out to Be a Strong Sellers’ Market According to M&A Firm IAG

August 03 19:45 2021
Valuations in the lower middle market is staying steady and there is no stopping this business intermediary consulting firm.

In a recent 2021 mid-year Refinitiv Deals Intelligence report, global mergers and acquisitions have totalled a record $2.4 trillion. This is up by 158% from the same period last year, as cited by a Fortune article. Indeed, 2021 is turning out to be a strong sellers’ market. But while this trend will seem to stay for the foreseeable future, there may be a recession looming around the corner.

Texas-based business intermediary consulting firm IAG Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Advisors believes that 2021 may be the time for businesses to start preparing to sell. This is true especially for businesses that withstood and continues to withstand the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – proof that these businesses are resilient and adaptable in such an economic climate. Over the past decade, IAG has helped hundreds of business owners achieve the success they deserve and in turn built over $1 billion in transferable value for their clients.

IAG is seeing valuations in the lower middle market staying steady through the end of 2021 and have already closed or are about to close a record number of transactions this year. With over 100 years of combined experience, IAG’s goal is to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to see the true value of what they have built utilizing their proprietary Merger & Acquisition process of positioning for the best business sale and acquisition possible.

This proven process in valuating and selling businesses has attracted many such as 1-800 Water Damage and R&R HVAC Construction, both sold during the pandemic. In several cases, businesses were sold without discount and still received offers even during the crisis.

The myth of settling for lower valuation is out the door, especially when holistic services are available. IAG has a detailed and analytical approach to confidently present businesses to the right buyers, at the right time through business selling and marketing, valuation and analysis, transactions, and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP).

On another hand, the misconception that buyers only purchase companies for financial reasons alone is a mere surface-level understanding of how the industry works. Successful entrepreneurs would know when to sell, merge, and acquire for many reasons such as diversification, reduction of costs, reduction of competition, organic growth, access to wider networks and resources, wider customer base, and synergies.

The all-time best year for mergers and acquisitions was in 2018, but 2021 and beyond are looking even better. And despite the pandemic, there are more financing options than ever before.

Learn more about IAG here: https://iagmerger.com/.

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IAG M&A Advisors is a business intermediary consulting firm, facilitating the buying & selling of businesses. With over 100 years of combined experience, the IAG team has been a leader in the industry by helping the owners of privately held companies “cash in” on all their hard work and get the best payoff possible.

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