Top 3 Affordable Pickup Truck Bumper Brands

February 22 07:34 2021

In this day and age, we’ve forgotten the main reason for choosing a car. Some may prefer one that looks stylish over one that is easily maintained, some may prefer a van or an SUV. We get so enamored by the type of cars and brands available that we forget the main reason for picking a car is one that is practical and safe. A pickup truck is considered the best choice which fits this description accurately, it is highly durable and it can fit a lot of people. 

The only drawback with a pickup truck is a lot of people have complained about its bumpy ride, it may not be as smooth as most cars due to its big wheels and rough edges: it’s almost like a tank. People also say a pickup truck is not a car for the future and that it’s outdated. It is true that with the advancement of technology, there will be cars in which you won’t even have to drive. There will be cars that will bring you from point A to point B automatically as road accidents are still an occurring thing every day.

However, until this happens: pickup trucks are still the way to go as it’s been at the top of its game for many years. One of the most important aspects of a pickup truck is the front bumper and we have you covered with the most affordable ones on the market right now. 

Steelcraft bumpers

The first front bumper discussed is the steel craft series. This is a great choice as it is lightweight and durable. Despite it being a front bumper, it offers maximum protection not just in the front but also the back portion of your truck. Its features are all up to date with the latest advancements: a backup sensor is installed so you won’t have a hard time reversing and parking your car backward.

There is also a no-drill installation which will save you a lot of time and effort. Lastly, it also comes with a variety of mounted designs of your preference. A lot of people paint the vehicle as well as they are willing to pay the extra charge.  

Ranch Hand

What makes this bumper unique is its customizability. It comes with a lot of design choices such as a grille guard bumper, bullnose bumper, sleek steel bumper, or a winch-ready bumper. A lot of customers would rather do it themselves because they already have a lot of ideas in their heads.

This is another advantage of this bumper as it is very beginner-friendly, you don’t need to be a mechanic of some sort to install this into your car. The company’s employees are supposedly very helpful and they ensure the finest quality for these bumpers. The installation is an easy process and it can be matched with the parking sensors and fog lights too. 

Iron Cross

This may be one of the more reliable bumpers out there on the market as they have been tried and tested by a lot of people. There are so many written testimonials over the years thanking Iron Cross for their service. Some have survived car accidents while some just send a picture in awe of the bumper’s uncanny fit to their cars. 

This speaks highly of Iron Cross’s service and vision as they were able to build a reputation like this. What’s good about it is you can get this bumper in different styles at an affordable rate. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which bumper you choose, they are all excellent choices. All of them are customizable and easily installed, you can do it by yourself. A lot of people treat their cars as a baby, they want to take care of them and they want to play around with them. 

At the end of the day, you also want your car and yourself to be safe. A pickup truck guarantees safety as its durability is no joke. Do not be afraid to invest in a bumper for your pickup truck as you never know what can happen on the road. Pickup trucks are here to stay and have helped serve families and friends for several years.

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