Work-Tech Company, DEN, Partners With Method Homes To Roll Out Smart, Sustainable Remote Offices

November 24 20:12 2020
Work-Tech Company, DEN, Partners With Method Homes To Roll Out Smart, Sustainable Remote Offices

Technology company, DEN, announced it has entered an exclusive partnership with premier sustainable construction firm, Method Homes, to produce its DEN IQ(c) powered resiDEN smart remote offices. Each resiDEN is offered on a subscription basis and is designed for performance-oriented professionals and organizations who are committed to leveraging their remote workforce, while driving overall performance and job satisfaction.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with the Method Team as we accelerate the development and fabrication of our core strategy,” said DEN CEO Mark Stuart. He went on to add, “joining with the leader in sustainable construction will allow the DEN development team to focus on our DEN IQ(c) software platform and the DENadvance(c) professional development program. Literally every business is experiencing a permanent shift to some level of remote work, and DEN was founded to satisfy the strong demand for technology designed exclusively for the remote workforce.”

Method Homes will lend their environmental certification (LEED, ENERGY STAR, Living Building Challenge) and modular design expertise to DEN’s team of futurists, technologists, and remote working experts. The goal is to produce the ultimate all-in-one remote working experience, driving performance and saving operating expense while supporting a sustainable ecological footprint. Brian Abramson, CEO of Method and adjunct Chief Construction Officer at DEN, said, “partnering with DEN to address an incredibly large and growing market, with a holistic solution that solves so many of the challenges of being removed from traditional office settings, represents a tremendous opportunity for us.” Abramson went on to say, “the DEN team shares our commitment to quality and design excellence that drives each decision that we make.”

Development is set to begin this quarter and DEN is already accepting pre-orders for their resiDEN (90/130 sq. ft.) line of remote offices on their website. The initial launch and pilot program is scheduled for select US cities this coming Spring/Summer 2021.


DEN ( is a technology company and thought leader in the dramatically evolving world of remote workplace performance. The company offers an innovative line of products and services on a subscription basis, designed to enhance the remote experience and provide the ideal work-life balance. Included with the monthly subscription is a configurable personal office, a wide range of built-in, productivity-enabling smart hardware — orchestrated by DEN IQ(c) to dynamically meet the changing needs of our members through each day — and access to DENadvance(c).

For all inquiries, contact Donald Mueller Jr., VP – Business Operations at: [email protected]


Method Homes ( is a Seattle-based construction company focused on building precision-engineered, beautiful, healthy, and sustainable prefab homes and commercial structures. Method Homes was founded with a mission of sustainability, taking thoughtful, sustainable design as a core value. Prefabrication allows Method to reduce construction timelines and control costs while building custom projects in a controlled environment, minimizing exposure and waste. As a result, Method can focus on sustainability and cutting-edge design.

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