A Good Mediation Attorney Can Alleviate Issues Quickly When Disputing Parties Cannot Agree

August 06 16:16 2020

The state of Arizona can see its share of civil litigation complaints and lawsuits ranging from larger issues that include civil rights infractions, malpractice issues, and employment discrimination law to smaller ones such as breach of contract disputes.  There is a vast array of major civil issues that can usually be solved more expeditiously through mediation by a third party.  Civil litigation itself simply means “non-criminal” and does usually involve one or more plaintiffs (the person harmed or filing the action) and a defendant (the person accused of the actual harm or damages).  The outcome generally involves a monetary settlement and many defendants are insurance companies who also provide their own attorneys. 

Any type of civil litigation can generally be solved much more quickly through mediation. 

For mediation to be as successful as possible, however, a knowledgeable Arizona attorney well versed in mediation, such as E. Hardy Smith located in Tucson, AZ, does need to be retained.  Emotions can run high during civil matters, especially in matters such as malpractice, or injury infliction claims.  Any disciplinary actions that occur against medical professionals, dental professionals, veterinarians, or any other type of individual that holds a state license, can mean loss of the license and an inability to practice until the license is reinstated.  Something as simple as a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) can cause license revocation.

Complaints even if unfounded cause much stress and grief to individuals who have a license.

Anyone with a professional license lives with dread that a complaint may be filed against them and must now defend their position to keep the license.  There is a great volume of licensing that is required in Arizona, from contractors licensing, to teaching certificates, with a dearth of all types of licenses in between.  A complaint made to any licensing board must be investigated and can result in the need for litigation.  The litigation can become intense if both parties cannot reach an equitable resolution. Complaints against either a person, business or institution itself can stay in the public records in Arizona, even if unfounded. The amount of time in the public record depends upon the type of complaint and whether it is justified or not, so representation should be sought immediately by a qualified civil mediation attorney if the processes are becoming “heated.”

For anyone in Arizona that holds a license of any type, problems can arise without notice.

Even if complaints are unjustified, the complaints can cause irreparable harm to a professionals’ reputation and cause financial damages as well, especially if a complaint is found to be justified and disciplinary actions ensue.  Even if disciplinary actions do occur, a knowledgeable and devoted mediation proponent such as E. Hardy Smith of Tucson, AZ, can many times seek to mitigate the damages to reputation and of course, mitigate the financial losses.  Outcomes achieved through mediation are also quicker and less expensive for both parties and generally well received.  However, an attorney is needed who is experienced enough to achieve the best outcome for all parties and must be very calm all throughout the process.

About Attorney E. Hardy Smith

Attorney E. Hardy Smith practices in Tucson, AZ and specializes in the mediation process to assist opposing parties to come to an amicable resolution without the need for litigation.  Attorney Smith has decades of experience in successful mediation and has ensured that he has taken the specific courses needed to ensure quick and fair mediation.  His calm and rational demeanor is much sought after.  He can be reached via his website: www.azlawsmith.com, phone or email.  He also has an online form for quick contact.

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