‘Faces of Rap Mother’ Series Allows a Glimpses of Female Hip-Hop Artists

December 06 20:12 2019
The book, written by Candy Strother, features original gallery images, along with back-stories.

California, United States – ‘Faces of Rap Mothers’ is a unique collaborative compilation, published by ‘Beat Deep Books – a new imprint of DonnaInk Publications L.L.C’. The title shares gallery images, along with back-stories of women who are artists, business owners, mothers, sisters, daughters and/or relatives of the most infamous rap and hip-hop superstar icons, with a title foreword from Jeffrey Collins.

The writer’s minimalist approach highlights the important women who educated, nurtured, represented, supported, and upheld rap and hip-hop through their shadowing of its icons. These women flourish in the shadow of their immensely popular Rap and Hip-Hop relatives who they love and adore.

One can only imagine being the cousin, niece, mother, sister, or wife of an infamous personality, quietly observing the rank and file within the media and music industry where waves of success involve the ebbs and flows of the tides of life where extreme highs and extreme lows in the route to stardom and popularity inure the strongest; however, the elements of soul remain at the core of each of these women’s lives, and it is portrayed in ‘Faces of Rap Mothers’.

On September 29th of this year, the book and reality show cast and crew launch party was held at Punch TV Studios, Santa Fe Springs, California. The guests could meet the cast members, enjoin photo-ops, get involved in film promo, and shout-out their thoughts concerning Candy’s new program and book. The participants included: Candy Strother, Lowell Beasley (Executive producer-writer), Vicky Abreu (Executive and Global Director of Women Empowerment Movement), and Michael Keith (Disney star), alongside others.

There are six initial editions of the book: 1) Print soft-cover in black-and-white, 2) Print soft-cover signature edition in black-and-white, 3) soft-cover in color, 4) print soft-cover signature edition in color, 5) hard-bound in black-and-white, 6) hard-bound signature edition in color. Candy asks readers to enjoy these glimpses into the day-to-day lives of rap and hip-hop superstars, shared in Faces of Rap Mothers – volume 1. Her second book, titled, ‘Help Me Be Good: First Day At A New School’, is a children’s reader, and scheduled to release this Christmas. The next volume of the series releases in the spring of 2020.

Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell grew up in a family which was woven in the civil-rights fabric of Dr. Martin Luther King, and this connection blessed Candy with her own interests in human and civil rights. As an advocate, she testified on Capitol Hill and aired on news broadcasts to aid the plight of others. She has remained involved in media and entertainment as CEO of Black Cash records and Faces of Rap Mothers Show. Observing immense interest in hip-hop and rap, Candy decided to take another step, and created this book series. She supports and assists better futures through entrepreneurial and solo business efforts. Her own daughter and son (Honey and King Tha rapper) are rap and hip-hop artists as well.

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